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The cure can ONLY be purchased from the manufacturer -

For a 10% discount, contact the nutrition office to receive the discount coupon code (office contact details on the first page of the website)


"Metabolic reset cure"is a nutritional procedure that can be adopted without restrictions by any person, except for chronic type 2 diabetics. They should consult a nutritionist before starting this procedure.


The "metabolic reset cure" is used in chronic disease nutritional treatment before any major change in eating behavior, similar to how IT specialists restart a computer to unlock a program no longer working properly.


During the "metabolic reset cure" all juices are designed in such a way that the body receives a constant and sufficient intake of calories (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins) as well as antioxidant and immunomodulatory phytonutrients c, fully satisfying the minimum daily needs. The 6+1 different juices per day for six days (during which nothing else is eaten) are calculated in such a way that they are nutritionally suitable even for people suffering from morbid obesity (people weighing more than 110-130kg), therefore the "metabolic reset cure" is not at all a week of starvation, but one of intercellular and lymphatic cleansing of body and deep recalibration of satiety and caloric density signals from the subconscious, providing genuine physical and mental benefits.


Although this cure can cost up to 24 lei/juice (it can be seen on the merchant website here:, for a 10% discount contact the nutritionist for a coupon code (contact details on the front page of the website). The discount is granted as a reword for the Nutrition Practice, that fine tuned the calculation and composition of the juices.




1. During the 6 days of juicing, most patients witness elimination of 4-10 liters of lymphatic liquids, containing waste from the intercellular spaces, a cleanse that later allows more efficient penetration of nutrients and micronutrients in all tissues. The efficiency of bioavailability and assimilation of micronutrients (from food and dietary supplements) can increase after the Metabolic Reset Cure by 30-35%. During the cure, it is recommended to drink 1-1.5 L of water/day (in addition to the juices)


2. This cure resets the sensitivity levels of taste buds, which means that after six days we can feel tastes and smells that we thought dlong gone. Detecting these tastes and aromas makes going through a change or just everyday life more interesting, like a time travel to childhood filled with countless tastes, smells, joys and satisfactions that we are now rediscovering.


3. One of the most amazing effects, however, is the resetting of the caloric density limits for which our brain produces endorphins. Researchers have found that adjusting the brains arousal thresholds through a "Metabolic Rest Week" causes these natural opioids to be produced faster and more intensely in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, producing a sense of greater pleasure and euphoria at much lower stimulents, which helps the body to perceive the feeling of satiety more efficiently and earlier in a diet with fewer calories, specific to weight loss programs.




It is recommended that the 6-day "Metabolic Reset Cure" should be followed by a transition day. In order not to suddenly overload the stomach and intestines, the seventh day (the first after the six days of juices) is dedicated to transitioning from liquid to solid food, and will consist of:

- breakfast in which a vegetable cream soup will be eaten,

- 1-2 hours after breakfast a substantial fruit smoothie (or the fruit as such, well chewed - bananas with berries, apple with carrots and banana, etc.),

- for lunch, a hearty salad of green leaves, tomatoes, onions, peppers, grated carrots and dressing with very little oil

- after 15:00 you can return to solid food.




During the reset days, it is mandatory to consume (apart from the juices in the quantity and order indicated by the numbers on the lid) a minimum amount of 1-1.5L of water during the day.


Although the "Metabolic Reset Cure" is beneficial to anyone who wants these changes (with the exception of diabetics who can only go through it under the supervision of a nutritionist), we recommend that those who want to make changes in their diet consult a nutritionist in advance to receive confirming their suitability. The Metabolic Reset Cure is not a substitute for nutritional or medical treatments and procedures, and this description of the procedure does not take the place of nutritional counseling or medical consultation.


  • For a 10% discount when ordering on the manufacturer's website, contact me to communicate the discount coupon code (cabinet contact details on the front page of the website)

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