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Micronized clinoptilolite (trade name ZEOVITAL 70g - tribomechanically micronized powder to sizes below 5 μm and activated) can lead to improvement of health, prolongation of life and decrease of neoplastic tissue changes (tumor), can reduce the metabolic rate of cancer cells and has an antimetastatic and immunostimulating effect .


His main ability, however, is the decisive contribution to elimination of heavy metals and various toxins, both after poisoning and during and/or after chemotherapeutic cytostatic treatments, after acute illnesses that generated increased inflammatory reactions, or that required the administration of drugs/injections/vaccines, etc. Recent studies have also shown the beneficial effects in cases of autism and in hepatic lipid peroxidation (adjuvant in fatty liver treatment), the product being also indicated as an adjuvant treatment in many other chronic conditions – acne, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, constipation, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis. Micronized clinoptilolite below 5 μm can stop acute and chronic diarrhea, increase immunity and alleviate or cure certain allergies.



Although not approved in the EU as a supplement or food (because it is essentially NOT a supplement or food, having the strict role of only penetrating the tissues, detoxifying them and then leaving the body) micronized clinoptilolite zeolite is proven safe in oral administration in humans and animals due to the complete absence of adverse effects, as seen in this critical review of the safety of this product:

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  • Zeovital is administered orally, approx. 7 gr/day divided into 3 doses (i.e. 3 teaspoons per day).


    This means the content of a teaspoon of poeder (approx. 2.5g Zeovital) dissolved in a glass of water of 100-150 ml (half a cup), three times a day, for at least 30 days.


    TIP: If the first package is not finished in approx. 10 days,the dose should be increased by a bit. If it ends faster than 10 days,the dose should be reduced accordingly.



    The powder is to be completely dissolved in water and administered as follows:

    • in the morning, immediately after getting out of bed,
    • around 12:00-13:00 (at least 30 min. before lunch, but at least one hour after the last water or other liquid consumption!)
    • the third dose no later than 5:00 p.m, again, at least 4 hours from lunch and at least one hour before dinner, also after one hour from last liquid intake.


    For children under the age of 14 (including those with autism over 14), the powder can also be dissolved in fruit juice without pulp and without added sugar (apples, pears, oranges, etc.), but the best effect is obtained with plain tap-water.

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