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  • FAQ 1: What are the costs of nutrition counseling for chronic diseases?
    Pay by results! 1. AT THE ASSESSMENT AND COUNSELING MEETING (scheduled after the free initial call) the general state of health and nutrition problems are thoroughly determined. Then concrete objectives are set, including the personalized way of changing eating behaviors and mentioning what supplements or procedures it involves. After the conseling, the patient receives a file (printed or in pdf format) with a detailed summary of everything discussed at the meeting, the concrete steps to follow, the treatment and additional schemes, specific procedures etc. which, applied correctly, can lead to stopping or remission of chronic diseases, through nutrition and diet accompanied by the changes in eating behavior and lifestyle proposed by the nutritionist. PRICE: 140-200 lei/hour (for RO), or 35-40 euros/hour (other EU countries), 30-35 GBP (for UK), the amount depending on the condition(s) addressed. TYPICAL COUNSELING DURATION: 120-180 min 2. CONCLUSION MEETING AT THE END OF THE PROGRAM: Depending on the degree of achievement of objectives established during the initial counseling, the patient pays after the completion of the program (one or two months, depending on the condition) an amount that results directly from the differences in analysis before and after schedule. The amount differs from case to case, depending on the number of objectives set and the degree of their achievement (see example below). EXAMPLE: The patient enters counseling with: - Total cholesterol of 280 mg/dL, - LDL 170, - Blood sugar of 210 - Weight of 95kg. Following the nutritional plan, the patient's analyzes after 35 days are as follows: - Total cholesterol of 175, - LDL 120, - Blood sugar 100 - The weight reaches 86 kg. DIET PRICE: -- initial-final cholesterol = 280 – 175 = 105 -- initial-final LDL = 170 – 120 = 50 -- initial-final blood glucose = 210 – 100 = 110 -- initial-final weight: 95 – 86 = 9 To obtain the amount in lei, the obtained numbers are added as such (except for the weight, where the number is multiplied by 10) as follows: 105 + 50 + 110 + (9x10) = 355. The number 355 constitutes exactly the cost to be paid at the end of the program, i.e. in the above example the patient will have payment after the 35 days the amount of 355 lei. Exception from this method of calculation are oncological diseases, where there are no quantifiable elements like those in the initial analyzes for the other conditions. Therefore the conclusion meeting will be charged in the same way as the initial counseling (rate/per hour). At the conclusion meeting, in addition to discussing long-term eating behavior, the counseling is supplemented with elements not initially discussed (what should be emphasized or avoided, what food supplements are still needed, elements of eating behavior and lifestyle, etc. .). NOTE: The cost of counseling does not include the price of any necessary dietary supplements or other specific treatments needed by the patient. These are established by mutual agreement during the counseling, depending on the analysis and medical history.
  • FAQ 2: What do you need to be able to acces the nutrition and dietetic counseling?
    In order to schedule the nutrition counseling you first need to: Have a free preliminary phone discussion with the nutritionist Iuliu Ciupe-Vaida - phone 0740164932 Perform specific blood and urine tests if necessary, only if recommended in the phone meeting (exception are oncological cases or other serious conditions, for which the nutritionist will request all medical files awailable - see point 3) Bring your full medical record to the practice (or send a scan via e-mail, please in a single pdf file) if requested by the nutritionist during the initial phone call * Communicate your personal identification data (sending a copy of your ID by e-mail) in order to register your personal electronic patient record Agree with the nutritionist a day and hour for counseling ______________________________________ * For counseling regarding serious chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc) the nutritionist can request the patient's medical file (specialized diagnosis, discharge tickets, medical letters, and others.), to be able to authentically adapt future counseling to each individual case.
  • FAQ 3: What are the most frequently treated chronic diseases at the Nutrition Cabinet?
    The most frequently treated chronic diseases through nutrition, dietetics and supplements are: - cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction or stroke, etc.) - hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia (increased analysis of cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides) - excess weight and/or obesity - type II diabetes, hyperglycemia - most types of cancer - digestive or liver diseases, intestinal transit diseases - ulcer, gastritis, gastro-esophageal reflux - erectile dysfunction and libido - rheumatic diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis - autism
  • FAQ 4: Can counseling also take place online?
    For patients who cannot move or are too far from Arad, counseling can be done online. However, it is mandatory that the image be viewed on a large screen (PC or laptop). Counseling is usually carried out through Zoom - mandatory set in full-screen. If you do not have the Zoom application installed, for your computer/laptop it can be downloaded here : Personalized programs applied with permanent assistance can lead to healing in case of chronic diseases, through nutrition and dietary changes in eating behavior.
  • FAQ 5: What are the payment methods for nutrition counseling?
    1. The counseling can be paid cash at the practice, in which case the patient will be issued an invoice with a receipt. 2. For online counselling the related invoice is issued after the Zoom meeting, and it should be paid within 24-48 hours, through any usual payment instrument (bank transfer, internet banking, including payment via BT Pay, Revolut, PayPal etc). Detailed nutrition instructions and the personalized diet plan will be sent to the patient only after the payment is recorded in the Nutrition Cabinet account statements.
  • FAQ 6: Where can I find the Nutrition practice and what are its contact details?
    Cabinet of Nutrition and Dietetics IULIU CIUPE-VAIDA is located in Arad (RO), Mețianu str. no. 2 intercom 2 - first floor Tel: (+40) 0740164932 E-mail: Facebook: Instagramm: Twitter:
  • DOC 1: What are the diplomas/training/skills the nutrition counseiling is based on?
    The Nutrition Cabinet operates on the basis of Law no. 256/2015 regarding the exercise of the profession of dietician and the Free Practice Authorization issued by the College of Dieteticians in Romania. Nutritionist Iuliu Ciupe-Vaida is member of the College of Dietitians from Romania, speaker and trainer, permanent member of the Scientific Council of the Romanian Society of Medicine via Lifestyle (RSLM), licensed in nutrition at Faculty of Pharmacy of UVVG - Arad and certified in plant-based nutrition at Cornell University in the USA - Center of Nutrition Studies T Collin Campbell. He also completed a trainer course in 2021. The Nutrition Cabinet has been operating in various legal forms approved by Romanian law since 2011.

Programele aplicate întocmai pot duce la sananate și remisia de boli cronice printr-o nutritie si dietetică axată pe schimbarea de comportament alimentar și prin compensarea deficitelor de vitamine și minerale prin suplimente specifice, după caz.

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