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Prevention, treatment and remission

Cardiovascular diseases

The overwhelming majority of cardiovascular diseases are caused by cholesterol deposits on the arteries (atherosclerosis) or excess weight, both of which cause blood pressure to rise in order to compensate on the one hand for smaller diameters of blood vessels, and on the other hand for too much extra tissue that needs to be supplied with blood. Sometimes these two factors appear simultaneously, accelerating the evolution of the condition.


The video pills below give patients all the information they need to be able to take the first steps to stop the progression of cardiovascular disease.

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Remediu boli cronice
Oul și colesterolul
Scapă de boala cardiovasculara
Remisia bolilor cardiovasculare
Nutritie boli cardiovasculare
infarct si avc
Cum sa nu faci avc sau infarct
Remediu boli cronice

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Boli cardiovasculare 2
La radio boli cardiovasculare
La radio inima sanatoasa
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