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Curcumin (active principle from turmeric root) is a natural yellow compound extracted from the root of the turmeric plantCurcuma longa, which belongs to the familyZingiberaceae and is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia. Studies on curcumin in cancer in vitro and in animals have been widely reported in thousands of publications, demonstrating that it modulates tumor growth factors, enzymes, gene transcription factors, kinases, inflammatory cytokines, and factors that cause apoptosis (death) of cancer cells .


However, since curcumin has poor bioavailability due to low absorption, rapid metabolism and systemic elimination that limits its potential efficacy, to represent an effective adjuvant therapy for cancer (as suggested in the cited scientific article), it is indicated to consume in its concentrated form (turmeric extract), anaerobically encapsulated (to preserve the active principle) and gastro-resistant tablet (to dissolve only in the intestine).


Turmeric also supports the completion of inflammation by accelerating and supporting the processes of eliminating infections from the body, and the anticancer effects (either as such or in combination with other anticancer agents), those to support weight loss (in combination with the modification of eating behavior) and reduction of metabolic syndrome have been proven in several clinical studies.


Unlike other similar products, turmeric capsules products of the company Enagic - Japan are obtained from organic cultures and encapsulated in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic), which prevents the oxidation of curcumin during extraction and packaging, therefore their efficiency is greatly increased (about 10-15 times more concentrated in the active principle than the spice itself).



  • It is administered orally, 2 capsules per day, during the first two main meals (breakfast and lunch). For cases of chronic diseases, but ONLY after counseling and ascertaining this need, the nutritionist can increase the dose up to 6 capsules per day.

    This supplement is not recommended to be consumed in doses higher than 2 capsules per day without the express recommendation of the nutritionist.

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