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The price is per participant, for a minimum of 30 people.


Complete presentation of the nutritional concept promoted by Iuliu Ciupe-Vaida, which provides not only a complete diet for any stage of life, but also guarantees the prevention, treatment and remission of most chronic conditions: heart attack, stroke , diabetes, some types of cancer, gastric dysfunction, varicose veins, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, etc.


Nutritionist Iuliu Ciupe-Vaida provides a complete, interactive and highly professional presentation of of the nutritional concept (presentation+ subsequent question and answer session).

The presentation may benefit from follow-ups on specific topics such as:

  • the influence of stress on health
  • the influence of emotional conflicts on metabolism and digestion
  • dietary supplements and their role (with special section for athletes)
  • detailed approaches, on specific diseases, for groups of diseases or topics of particular interest

Presentation of chronic disease nutrition

  • The two-hour presentation + Q&A session

    Event can take place anywhere in the country, subject to a minimum number of participants.

    The method is established by telephone.


    The displayed price (per person) may be subject to changes, depending on the number of participants and other criterias.

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